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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Netzer-Matai-Ma'aseh Yadai: 2007 September |

Netzer-Matai-Ma'aseh Yadai: 2007 September | " that the 7 word phrase, In the beginning..and then all the way until G-d Elokim ” Yihi Or” Said Let here be light!
Chagigah state that Rav Zutra bar Tovia said in the name of Rav: (pg 12a3) The world was created with ten things:
1) Wisdom
3) Understanding
4) Strength
5) Rebuke
6) Might
7) Justice
9) Compassion
10) Righteousness
The actual 10 things mentioned in the Parsha Bereishis 1-5, and the ten things which Chagigah mentions ten attributes (more than an an allusion to the ten spherot-AhMbdvd ). finally the completion of the first 5 versus of Bereishis 1-5, is completed in 52 words."

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