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Sunday, March 25, 2012

401k/IRA Business Funding H4

401k/IRA Business Funding H4: "FREE 401K FUNDING GUIDE SHOWS YOU HOW TO...
Get Your Funding in 2-3 Weeks...not 6 months like a typical SBA loan!
Improve Cash Flow by 50% or more...the lifeblood of every small business
Own up to 4X (times) more of Your Own Business (Equity) - right from the start
Use innovative (but safe and tax-deferred) ways to use up to 100% of the funds in your 401k, SEP, IRA, 403b or other retirement accounts.
Eliminate debt with NO PENALTIES
Defer taxes on your Business Profits until after you Retire!
Combine 401k Funding with SBA and other Loans to get 400% more start-up Capital Fast"

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