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Friday, October 28, 2011

Some Domains I Own, and Would Sell, For the Right Price.

I read somewhere around the middle of peak domain buying days, I had read that one should not really get too attached to their domains. I suppose that my current issue might well be that even though I have gotten pretty good at developing websites fairly quickly, it really is true that every new website becomes some sort of commitment and/or obligation. Likewise buying domains is like acquiring dependents. Domains need to be cared for, utilized, nurtured. If you let them sort of just sit on some list somewhere, they sort of get old, or stale, so to speak.

That being said, and since I am so anti; giving away a huge sum of money as a commission, I thought I might just publicize a few domains, and the appraisal they have gotten:
$1.9K USD
$1.73 USD
$1.8K USD

If someone is interested in this domain, you need to act very very quickly! I happen to believe it is worth far more than $1,800. I honestly am not even sure if I would part with it for even 20 or 40 times its current appraised value.Yet if you have the kind of money I am trying to talk about here, I would definitely want hear from you.
$0.43 USD
word search
$1.6K USD
9 Ads
0 Alexa
1.5K WTC Word Tracker Score
53.5K OVT
0 PR (Google Page Rank)
$0.43 USD
$1.5K USD

I am not in the loan business, yet if you are, or want to be, then you might want to be the proud owner of this domain. True it is a .net (not a yet .net is big enough for Verizon and Also sure we do have an abbreviation (as opposed to having to spell out the word business in a longer URL) yet that is some of the charm behind this domain. I suppose I would be really happy to get 20 times it appraised value (who wouldn't be) but if your not wanting to spend that kind of money on this domain, then well since it is a .net lets talk!
$830 USD
$0.05 USD

If you like the penny stock biz, well then this is the domain for you. Since I really do not understand the penny business so well, well I could try to come down from my usually 20 times appraisal price. If you had around $12,750 to spend on this domain, well then write me a check today!
$820 USD
$1.40 USD

If you really want this domain, and .org domains are even more "respected" these days as credible domains (because they do not "imply" that the whole world is "just" about money -even though these days so many people "suspect" that statement is becoming more true. Well I like this domain a lot and I have a dozens of great ideas for it.

Maybe you have a better idea for; and maybe have a little more money to actually develop it (or keep and aggressively remarket it)   Now I know that getting $80,000 for domains these days is harder than it used to be. Somehow though one still has got to believe that in the right market place this domain could net $25,000. Plenty of Web Masters need to keep finding ways to build up traffic for their websites. The keys is how you firmly utilize the .org TLD. Some people stray away from the over-all pushiness of the way.

If I was asking $50k I would understand you might think twice yet if you have a plan to execute this internet service product, which is so hot right now, then you need to get in touch with me before I rethink my bottom line offer of the 25K. Buy it quickly because I believe I might immediately come to regret parting with this domain at all.

Stephen C. Sanders
Owns above domains, has many others. Seeks serious domain buyers in the 5k-50k range.

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