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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Ford Fiesta S - Least Expensive Cars of 2014

Ford Fiesta S - Least Expensive Cars of 2014: "Fiesta has been updated for 2014 with a new slick-looking front end and a greatly improved dashboard. $14,795 buys you air conditioning and an AM/FM radio with an auxiliary input jack, although the color palette is limited (white, black, gray or silver; the red car in the photo is a higher trim level) and you'll still have to crank down your own windows. What sets the Fiesta apart is the fun-to-drive factor, a rarity in such an inexpensive car. Designed in Europe, the Fiesta lives for curvy roads and delivers great fuel economy, even if you spring for the automatic transmission (a high-tech six-speed twin-clutch transmission priced at $1,095). The Fiesta is cute, eager and loveable; too bad it's not the value it once was."

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