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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Traffic Faker - Powerful URL Harvester and Referral Faker

Traffic Faker - Powerful URL Harvester and Referral Faker: "Essentially Multi-Threading is a process that works by selecting how many 'threads' to use at any one time, and allows for desired number of simultaneous versions of the application to run concurrently within the one application. This means that where CPU capability allows for it, with the addition of each thread, URL Harvester and Referral Faking speed is increased. In our extensive testing we have established that using five (5) threads per core to be ideal. For example if you have a Quad Core CPU, you could run twenty (20) threads at any given time. So if you decide to use 20 threads whilst Harvesting URLs, Traffic Faker will process your query list 20 times faster then if you were to use a single thread or a competitors single threaded URL Harvester. Naturally the same speed benefits and optimization are carried over to the Referral Faking"

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